OAND/CAND/BDDT-N Licenced and Registered Naturopathic Doctor 

Barbara is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and McMaster University. In 2005, she opened her clinic in Gravenhurst, Ontario and in 2010 she expanded her practice to join the healthcare team at Town Chiropractic. Barbara has a varied and eclectic practice – she welcomes all new patients and uses a variety of healing modalities including: Acupuncture, Botanical (Herbal) Medicine, Homeopathy, Nutritional Counselling, Naturopathic Bodywork and Lifestyle Counselling. Barbara has furthered her training and specialization in the following areas: Perinatal Care and Pediatrics, Facial Rejuvenation (Cosmetic) Acupuncture and Environmental Medicine.

In addition, the following testing is available during consultation: Salivary Hormone Testing (Male and Female), Estrogen Metabolism Ratio, Food Sensitivity (IgG) Testing, Urine Toxic Minerals, Hair Mineral Analysis and Comprehensive Parasitology Testing.

For more information or to book a consultation with Barbara Cowan ND, please contact her at (705) 684-9444 or

An exerpt from the Naturopathic Doctor’s Oath: 

First, do no harm.

To co-operate with the healing powers of nature.

To address the fundamental cause of disease.

To heal the whole person through individualized treatment.

To teach the principles of healthy living and preventative medicine