Spinal Decompression

Dr Town offers traction therapy for some patients with degenerative conditionsscoliosis and disc injuries. The Cox flexion-distraction table allows for the precise application of traction to a specific level of the spine, with the additional advantage of doctor applied hands-on monitoring of the pressure.

chiropractic decompression of a disc using the Cox table

Traction will stretch chronically tight connective tissue and joints in the spine to improve general mobility and ease pain. Generally, patients feel looser and more comfortable immediately.

In a disc conditiontraction can gently depressurize the posterior disc, where most bulges and herniations occur, to encourage a reduction of the disc swelling. As the swelling of the disc reduces, the pressure on the nerve root, which causes sciatica, can be subtly alleviated. Needless to say, this is done with precision, and generally painlessly.

For scoliosis, traction, with correct patient positioning first (to put the spine into a straighter shape), will specifically traction the most stressed areas of the spine to relieve pain and stiffness. While it will not “cure” the scoliosis, it will help the body cope and make the patient more comfortable.

Traction is a very sensitive therapy. If done too aggressively it can be provocative or even damaging. The Cox table method Dr Town uses ensures constant monitoring and feedback by the doctor.

Dr Town has completed a post-graduate course in flexion-distraction therapy and has read texts on its successful application.