Dr. Town’s Philosophy

As a chiropractor I see my role as being half of a partnership. Ultimately you are responsible for your own health but have chosen to let me assist you. Often it’s to help you deal with pain or a physical ailment. Sometimes it’s more for “coaching”, as a source for health information or advice. I want to do everything I can to help you and encourage you to help yourself. It is important to me, though, to respect your personal responsibility for your own life and health.

Dr Town’s Guiding Principles

Love what you do!
  • Live an active lifestyle: Your body, and every system in it, is designed to move and will function better if you are active.
  • Manage your life: Be aware of choices you are making and get informed as to the impact your actions have on your health.
  • Diet is key: Give your body what it needs and it will serve you better. Clog it up and it will fail you.
  • Take control of your stress: Understand that in any situation there will be choices you can make that can give you some (however small) power to cope better.
  • Unwind: Find recreational activities that give you enjoyment, stress relief and/or purpose. Do them regularly!
  • Engage your mind: Be curious, think about things, get absorbed in something, read. Be aware of the pitfalls of passive entertainment and how it can lead to mental lethargic.
  • Core strength: If you are going to do any kind of exercise, always start with and maintain your core strength, the abdominal, back and oblique muscles.